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Pamplona’s Top 5

The capital of Navarre was made famous by Hemingway's novel 'The Sun Also Rises' and is now known throughout the world as the location of the annual bull run at the San Fermín Festival. Not only do tourists flock to the city for the July fiesta, but pilgrims make their way through the town on… Continue reading Pamplona’s Top 5

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Our visits to Koblenz and Stuttgart

Koblenz was the first stop on our tour round Germany. We visited the town as a way of breaking our journey from Dortmund to Heidelberg and arrived mid-morning in overcast weather. Like lots of German towns, the train station is quite a way from the city centre, so we followed the rather confusing signs that… Continue reading Our visits to Koblenz and Stuttgart

Abroad in Europe, Germany

A short stay in Heidelberg

Heidelberg is one of the oldest towns in Germany. Famous for its university and castle, it was a place we were very excited to visit! We arrived in the evening by train but had to get a taxi to our hotel because the station is a long way from the old town. After checking in… Continue reading A short stay in Heidelberg

Abroad in Europe, Germany

Munich: the wonderful Bavarian capital

It's been two weeks since the end of our German adventure. After a couple of days in Heidelberg, we stayed in Munich, the Bavarian capital, on the last leg of our trip. We arrived in Munich in the evening and our lovely little hotel, the Condor, was only a 5-minute walk from the Hauptbahnhof. It… Continue reading Munich: the wonderful Bavarian capital

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San Sebastián: a spontaneous trip to a seaside stunner

San Sebastián (or Donostia, to give it its Basque name) is the capital of the Guipuzcoa province and a favourite destination for those wanting to soak up a bit of sun and a bit of culture. So, one Saturday in November we decided we wanted to see this gorgeous coastal town for ourselves. The temperature… Continue reading San Sebastián: a spontaneous trip to a seaside stunner

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Our Brussels Top 5

Brussels is easily one of our favourite cities. The Belgian capital has a really special atmosphere because it's so vibrant and multicultural. We've visited Brussels together a few times now so we thought we'd share some tips to inspire you all! Here's our top 5... #5 Molenbeek Street Art The Molenbeek quarter of Brussels isn't… Continue reading Our Brussels Top 5

Abroad in Europe, spain

A long weekend in Madrid

We've been to Madrid a couple of times in the last year and we've completely fallen in love with it! During our most recent visit to the city we stayed at the Hotel Only You Atocha. We arrived in Madrid by train from Pamplona and the hotel was in a perfect location, just across the… Continue reading A long weekend in Madrid